Better than a Dream

Being with him has been like being inside the mind of a romance novel Author or on a romance movie set.
I’ll never fail to remember the first day we met. He took my views on love, relationships and romance, and flipped every opinion I thought was dead set.
He instantly became a man I would never forget.
The more time I spent with him, I began to realize the space in my heart he was occupying wasn’t just being sublet.
As I lay next to him in bed, gazing at his silhouette.
He whisper’s I love you, and its as though his love cuts down my was as though its as sharp as a bayonet.
Every day his love consumes me, more and more and proving to me he’ll treat me better than any man I’ve ever met.
Before I met him, I was bitter about love, I believed romance was only mean’t for the television set.
Little by little, every day his with his compassion, generosity, humor, love for life and me he changed my whole mind set.
At night I see you in my dreams, for me they don’t compare to real life, its as good as it gets.


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